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Introducing Equestrius

Are you owned by horses? Do they make huge demands of you, their human pet? Equestrius is designed to make your horse keeping chores manageable and fun. If you own horses, you know how challenging it can be to keep track of all of your horses' needs.

When is the farrier due? Is it time for Bart's West Nile Virus shots? Is Jezebel gaining weight.…again? Did the trainer say Lance is a Left-Brain or a Right-Brain Introvert?

Keeping track of these and the many other details for each of your horses is what Equestrius is all about. Here is just a sampling of the tracking utility Equestrius provides:

Keep track of Veterinarians, Farriers, Dentists, Trainers, etc. The Contacts tab is fully integrated with the built-in Contacts and Mail applications. Pull up your Farrier entry for example, and a phone call or email is just a couple of touches away.

Create a fully descriptive entry for each of your horses, including picture, health history, parentage, breed, height, weight, and many other details. The health history page lets you enter professional services such as Vaccination, Farrier, or Dentist appointments, and will even remind you when the next service is due.

Whenever a service is due, Equestrius will "whinny" at you, even if it is not open, and will present a message as to what service needs to be performed. In addition, you can enter reminders of your own taking full advantage of Apple's push notification services. Don't forget to fix that fence!

When you weigh your horse (weight calculator included!) you can enter dietary notes for each weight entry. The weight entries are then sorted in chronological order so you can track weight changes over time. In addition to dietary notes, There is a Notes tab where you can enter your barn notes. I really need to fix that tractor one of these days. And of course, there is a place to enter notes about each individual horse.

There's too much more to list. All of your info is presented in a logical, tabbed interface. Take a look at the screenshots or visit www.dancethetide.com for more info.

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